Located in Kansas City, Missouri, No Coast Coffee Roasters aims to reach a demographic often overlooked in the booming coffee industry: the everyman. With a simple mission to "Elevate the Everyday", No Coast produces whole-bean coffee that doesn't need long origin descriptions - it just tastes really good. The brand identity was strongly influenced by the midwestern sensibility of its founder, a Kansas City native. As a nod to the morning cup of joe, we chose a rising sun as the brand's symbol.


  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction
Since the brand is rooted in the midwest, we sought to capture the idyllic moment of a farmer enjoying a cup of joe as the sun rises. The wordmark creates a nice base for the sun symbol above it.
Typography & Icons
The headline typeface S&S Nickson Four was chosen for its sense of heritage and its literal roughness around the edges. It was designed by Spencer & Sons. The packaging features the typeface Labours for bold subheaders and the website features Cooper BT as an alternate and more web-friendly headline.
The coffee packaging was the most important and visible piece of collateral for the brand. It needed to create a cohesive look when all roasts are side by side on a shelf, but it also needed to clearly differentiate the roasts. We opted for more vibrant colors to represent each roast along with a matching symbol that related in some way to the name. The layout is tightly structured, giving order to the heavy amount of information without making it feel overly designed.
Brew Guide
After collecting and researching brew guides from the industry leaders, we noticed that most feature lengthy step by step instructions in ounces and milliliters which are not commonly used measurements in the US. We also realized that that most people who own a brewing product generally know how it works and are more in need of an easy reference rather than an instruction booklet.
Brand Guide
For No Coast, a brand guide was just the start. Art direction for lifestyle and e-commerce photography and more swag are on the way.