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House of Wallis is a creative studio based in Atlanta, founded by husband-and-wife team Thomas and Meredith Wallis.

After 12+ years experience at production and branding agencies in New York City, we set out to create a studio that offered our clients a broader range of design and content services. We love working with passionate founders, marketers, and strategists to create brand films, strategy, identities, and websites that push their brand in a new direction.



Honing your story is an essential first step in creating a standout brand. After a 2-part intensive workshop, we develop your brand's narrative, positioning your customer as the hero and you as the expert guide. A clear and concise brand story not only engages your customers — it empowers your whole internal team.

Brand Strategy

This process begins with a guided workshop with the key people from your team. Together, we identify your brand's plot-line, iterating with your team until it's perfect. The resulting Brand Strategy deck helps rally your internal team around a common message and serves as a guide for external communications.

[4 weeks]

Strategy Consulting

If you have a well-rounded strategy and need help with one piece of the puzzle OR if you just want to workshop ideas, we offer a month-to-month retainer.


Design is where your brand story comes to life. The visual manifestation of your brand, whether on a website, in a store, or out-and-about, should feel original, emotional, and memorable. With a thoughtful, comprehensive brand system, your message will ring clear to your customer: you belong here.

Brand Identity

The myriad elements of a brand system — logo, wordmark, typography, color, graphics, images — work in harmony to communicate your brand. Through three iterative phases, we develop a brand system that can be used to guide your websites, advertising, packaging, environments, and more.

[8 weeks]

Brand Refresh

A lighter version of our traditional Brand Identity process, the Brand Refresh updates and elevates your existing brand. Typically, this process focuses on updating core elements such as your wordmark, logo, type, and color palette.

[~3 weeks]

Website Design

Your website is your brand's HQ. In addition to its primary function (ecommerce, content marketing, etc.), it should be the fullest and most exciting expression of your brand. Starting with wireframes and ending with high-fidelity responsive design, we create web experiences that are honest to their brands.

[8 weeks]

App UX/UI Design

Whether you have sketched idea or an app that needs an overhaul, we can help build/test your UX and create a UI that is on-brand and extendable. Using iterative sprints (short, focused phases), we develop wireframes, high-fidelity screens, and a modular content library that can be used for future builds.

[8 weeks]

Social Media Playbook

We work with you to adapt your strategy and brand identity to a social-media specific playbook. This guide includes competitive research, an overview of your profiles, campaign strategies, and general guidelines for content. Includes a set of editable post & story templates.

[8 weeks]

Design Retainer

A 6-week process to develop or reimagine your brand story.

[8 weeks]


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