Inspired by the craftsmanship of our friends & neighbors, we created Work—Space, a mini-documentary video series that follows makers and artists practicing their crafts in New York City. We've documented a ceramicist and a furniture maker thus far, but hope to complete more in the future.


Pre Production
Post Production
Final Delivery

Anthony is a self taught carpenter with an affinity for all things handmade. He builds custom furniture and designs restaurant interiors from his basement workshop in Brooklyn. For this episode, we wanted to infuse traditional documentary style with a cinematic flair.  We filmed the bulk of the episode with a natural approach to lighting and a spontaneous handheld style. To add the cinematic element, we decided to film in Anthony's workshop with a more stylized approach to both lighting and camera, opting for a high contrast look and smooth, controlled dolly moves.
Sydney is a potter who recently launched her own line of handmade ceramics called Milk & Clay. We filmed with her in the studio and at her home in Brooklyn, showing off both the process and finished products of her work.