Pillars of the Game is a short video series that we created for Soccer Specific Training, a New Jersey based youth soccer development program. Highlighting some of the most important aspects of a young soccer player's development, we created three videos, each focusing on a single aspect of the game - technique, fitness, and tactics. The series features a New Jersey based U-18 soccer team that trains with Soccer Specific Training.


Pre Production
Post Production
Final Delivery

"If you're going to play at a high level, you need to be able to move the ball quickly and confidently with your first touch. In training we try to put the players in an environment where they're comfortable playing with speed and playing under pressure. So if you put them in that situation enough times, on game day, it just comes naturally." — Coach Michael Turtle
Our Approach
Soccer Specific Training came to us with a desire to use video to represent their company in a new and exciting way. Drawing on inspiration from a number of Nike Soccer videos, we came up with a concept that would help explain the importance of proper training, while highlighting the intense nature of an SST training session.
Camera Style
We shot this entire project handheld, aiming for a fast paced and dynamic camera style. The combination of player movement and camera movement creates an intensity that puts the viewer into the action. We maintained a high shutter speed throughout to minimize motion blur.
We wanted a dramatic feeling from the lighting to enhance the intensity of the handheld camera work and player movement. We created a simple hard/soft cross light setup for a high contrast feeling, and added blue streak filters during select shots for a more stylized look.
"Tactical awareness is an essential part of performing at a high level. In order to find success as a team, each player needs to know their role at any given moment in the game. In training, we help players recognize various situations within play so when those situations arise on game day, they know exactly what to do." — Coach Michael Turtle
The titles for this project were inspired by the drills and movement that defines each pillar.
"Fitness can be the difference between winning and losing a match. You can be the most skilled player on the pitch, but if you're not working on strength, speed, and stamina, you won't be competitive. You have to build and maintain a high level of fitness so that when it comes time to perform on the pitch, you can do your job without worrying if your body will keep up." — Coach Michael Turtle