Sky is a luxury apartment building in midtown Manhattan that offers tenants a wide range of perks, services, and amenities. We were hired to create a series of videos highlighting the best of these offerings as experienced in daily life by the building’s tenants. The resulting film series portrays selected aspects of life at Sky, from their world class fitness facilities to a rooftop pool to a sunset party with friends. These videos were used by Sky as a sponsored Instagram campaign to drive occupancy.


Pre Production
Post Production

Final Delivery


We filmed vignettes highlighting 4 distinct features of the Sky living experience: the fitness center, the lobby, the pool, and the apartments.  Each vignette stands alone as its own video, and together these vignettes make up the full Live At Sky film. We aimed to keep the camera moving in every shot, and ended up filming the entire project on a gimbal.  Our lighting approach focused on accentuating Sky’s existing lighting in order to paint a realistic image of the building.
The Lobby
This video follows a guest's journey as she arrives back at Sky, showing off the building's impressive entryway, lobby, elevators, and art-filled hallways.
The Pool
This video shows off the building's rooftop pool deck, where guests can enjoy swimming or just relaxing by the pool with a cocktail.
The Fitness Center
This video shows off Sky's world class fitness center, which includes a full gym with multiple training options, a lap pool, and a full size basketball court.
The Apartment
This video brings friends together for a breathtaking sunset in one of Sky's high rise luxury apartments.