Not afraid to embrace the weird, DEGA Films produces short form content for brands and artists ready to break the mold. Their name takes on varied expressions through a dynamic logo. When asked to design their web presence, we knew it should feel slick but not somber. A combination of extended and mono typefaces in addition to a black background allowed us to strike this balance and keep the focus on their colorful work.


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Digital Materials
  • Print Materials
Although a large focus for any production company is placed on the project reel, we also wanted to create space for featured projects. While a preview of the reel plays in the main panel, the user can also scroll through featured projects on the right sidebar.
Typography & Layout
Dega Films' content speaks for itself, so we wanted a typeface that would support rather than compete. We chose a weightier typeface - Titling Gothic - to increase legibility, given that the background of the entire site would be black. A structured layout allows the user to explore the project as a whole while keeping the project details & specs fixed for easy reference.
Digital Materials
We created a series of editable presentation templates in order for Dega Films to successfully pitch projects to clients and present their work. The layouts were pre-filled with copy we developed in addition to curated images from their videos. The result was a sleek and ready-to-use set of communications.