Adam Lucas a visual artist who first made his name in New York City’s street art scene, eventually moving on to show in various galleries around the city, as well as organize his own solo and group art shows. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with Adam and Dega Films to create promotional videos for his larger shows.


Pre Production
Post Production


Best of the Worst
The first of these videos is a promo for a solo show that Adam hosted in Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 2015. On set, the camera was pushing in on Adam at 100 frames per second as confetti, dollar bills, and paint were flying through the air. The final video shows the clip in reverse, starting in a paint splattered close up and revealing the clean wide shot.  We did two takes of this epic shot.
Market Surplus
Our second video with Adam is a promo for a mural exhibition he organized in Manhattan's then-abandoned Essex Street Market.  We filmed during the week leading up to the show, before any of the artists had painted the walls.  The simple, composed shots and dramatic music make for a mysterious mood.
Some Grow Up, Others Grow Down
Our most recent video for Adam is another promo for a solo show in New York City.  We decided to shoot a highly choreographed one-shot video. The dolly shot features a 3D fabricated version of one of his paintings.
A behind the scenes look at our setup for this dolly shot.